Early Career Workshop for ‘Polar Social Scientists’

 Thursday 8 September 2011
Mansfield College, Oxford

0900-0915 – Introduction (Dr. Richard Powell, Oxford)

0915-1015 – Plenary: Publishing Polar Research (Prof. Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway)

1015-1100 – Session 1 (two speakers):

— The UK and the Shifting Geopolitics of the Arctic (Duncan Depledge, Royal Holloway and RUSI)
— Quantifying Cooperation in a Polar Clique (Elizabeth Deheza, RUSI)

1100-1130 – Coffee

1130-1300 – Session 2 (four speakers):

— Nano-particles and icebergs (Michael Dangerfield, Oxford)
— On ice: politics, history and legal status (Corine Wood-Donnelly, Brunel)
— Making sense of multiple governance in Nunavut (Jackie Price, Cambridge)
— Representations and readings of Argentine territorial nationalism: the case of the southwest Atlantic and Antarctic territories (Dr. Matt Benwell, Liverpool)

1300-1345 – Lunch

1345-1500 – Plenary: Comparative research on Arctic resources? (two speakers)

— Lessons from Sakhalin? (Prof. Michael Bradshaw, Leicester)
— Resource Extraction in Canada (Dr. Michael Bravo, Cambridge)

1500-1530 – Session 3 (one speaker):
— (Mis)interpreting Russia’s Arctic Policy (Dr. Drew Foxall, Queen’s, Belfast)

1530-1600 – Tea

1600-1630 – Closing Discussion


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