Seminar 1: Shifting Poles? Geopolitics and legal regimes

09.30* -17.00, Thursday 25 March 2010, Foresight Centre, Liverpool

* Registration from 09.30 — Sessions to start at 10.15

This event will launch the seminar series by considering the new geopolitical considerations that are affecting the Polar Regions. Questions to be addressed include: Why has there been a renewed geopolitical interest in the Arctic and the Antarctic? What legal regimes are in place and are they adequate? Are new actors and interests unsettling the prevailing strategic status quo? How important are environmental and resource related issues in driving any changes?


1015-1045 – Introduction to the Seminar Series
Dr. Richard Powell, Geography, University of Liverpool

1045-1130 – ‘Geopolitics in, and of, the High North’
Prof. Lassi Heininen, Social Sciences, University of Lapland

1130-1145 – COFFEE

1145-1230 – ‘The Antarctic: geopolitics, law and resources’
Prof. Klaus Dodds, Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London

1230-1330 – LUNCH

1330-1415 – ‘Select Legal Issues Regarding the Antarctic Region’
Prof. Kaiyan Kaikobad, Law, Brunel University

1415-1500 – ‘Security Prospects in the Arctic and the United Kingdom’
Prof. Clive Archer, Politics, Manchester Metropolitan University

1500-1515 – TEA

1515-1545 – Comments from Discussant
Dr. Michael Bravo, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge

1545-1645 – General Discussion from Audience

1645-1700 – CLOSE of Conference


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